Bear Creek Barnyard - Moreland Georgia

About Us

Our home is located in the heart of family farm land that was farmed by my grandfather and father to support the Sibley Grist Mill for many years. The mill has been closed for over 29 years. In 1996, we built our log home on a piece of the family property and move to Moreland. We began collecting animals.

Our farm began with three goats and now we have grown to 18 Olde English Babydoll lambs, Angona Goats, Llama, Pygmy Goats, Chicken, Dexter Cattle and a Pot Bellie Pig.


Our family has been active in 4-H clubs for many years. Our famliy is a 3rd generation 4-H famliy. Our children show rabbits, chicken, dairy heifers and goats in local and state shows around Georgia.

We take our animals to special events for children around Coweta County each year. Four years ago we had our 1st baby lamb born at one event. What a suprise!
The teachers thank us every year for bringing the animals.




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